Jan Saxl

Algebra & Geometry


"Oh my goodness. I've lost it!" (having erased something he wanted)

"No space, no time"

"Blue is for false"

"Some people call these right cosets, but they are definitely left cosets"

"I hope that many of you have the feeling of déjà vu all over again"

"Theorem 48 plus or minus an integer"

"Ah! I was just beginning to enjoy it!" (on observing that it was time to end the lecture)

"Here's the identity somewhere quiet"

(on a certain lemma) "It's going in a circle really, but it's an important circle"

"Instead of mumbling, here's the theorem"

"It's a happy coincidence that the new James Bond movie has just opened, but these actions are a little more abstract" (on actions of groups)

"It's like Lagrange's theorem dressed up for the action" (on the orbit-stabilizer theorem)

"I trust you all have a tetrahedron with you"

"This 8 is rather different in quality to this 1"

"So I claim this is actually clear"

"One could describe this [the left coset action] as the mother of all actions"

"I was hoping that someone was going to answer, but they were just yawning"

"We'll meet it in our Möbius trip tomorrow"

"It turns out in the theory that it is good to have a favourite triple, and my favourite triple is . I recommend it to you, unless you already have a favourite triple."


"Done in a more cubistic way"

"So I think the light at the end of the tunnel is not the express train coming the other way"

"I'd better stop immediately, if not one minute earlier"

"I still have 4 minutes, so I must have left something out"