Steven Siklos

Part IA, Vector Calculus



"In the downstairs plane..."

"As soon as you hear the word 'symmetric matrix', you go into autopilot."

"You derive this [the equation for motion in a circle] by being circular..."

"We have a family of curves ruling the surface."

"The usual get-out for not having to define what I mean."

"This can make sense, but in this course we don't particularly want it to."

"Then we could simply do these nine integrals." (evidently for a strange definition of 'simply'...)

"There's a better way of remembering it, which I've forgotten."

"I'm sure you'll have seen this in Dr Stewart's [Dynamics] course - those of you who are going to it..."

"The w's dropped off - I'll probably find it in some other example."

"We can prove this - in fact, we have proved it."

"That's a fairly heavy square brackets here."


"If you're not the outward bound type, I understand it [a saddle point] can be called a pringle point, named after those pieces of cardboard you can buy in a cardboard tube." (He said this last year as well, and his fan club presented him with a tube in the last lecture.)

"The curvature is called the curvature because it's the curvature"

"There is just one joke in these 24 lectures"

"Let's hear it for "

"Also called Gauss's theorem, which doesn't distinguish it from most other theorems in pure maths" (on the divergence theorem)

"I'm going to do this in a way that's sort of true - I don't want to have to wave my arms about and talk about small things"

"Let's think of it concretely as a fluid"

"And you do the delta delta thing and mess around with the indices" (The hokey-cokey in suffix notation?) 1