J. M. Stewart

Part IA, Dynamics


"Let's do a sanity check on the algebra."

"If someone tells you the answer, it's very easy to get the answer."

"It's like having armour plate made out of jelly."

"Because it's an approximation, he ignored the existence of the Earth."

"You can't do this, but I've done it anyway."

"Another naughty statement..."

"Applied mathematicians often live dangerously."

"For maths you can buy in the shops..."

"Take the function f, and ask it to spew out the value at the origin."

"For the y-component I got tired of the denominator, and by the time I got to the z-component I got bored."

"Let's suppose by some magic we've got hold of an inertial frame..."

"A new concept we haven't seen before, which is mass." 1