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This site was written by several Trinity mathmos. Funny what we end up doing with our spare time...

Originally designed and coded by Isobel Hooper (imh22). Now maintained principally by David Loeffler (dl267).

Quotations collected by Isobel Hooper (imh22), James Cranch (jdc41), Hannah Burton (hdb21), Jon Hind (jwlh2), Sue Liu (yl238), David Loeffler (dl267), Chris Cummins (crc37) and Vicky Neale (vrn20)

All of these quotations are as accurate as we can make them when we're also trying to take notes in the lectures. If one of your quotations is up here, and you think it's inaccurate, please email David to have it corrected.

If you have amusing quotations you've collected in lectures you've been to, email David with your quotations: if there are enough by a particular lecturer, we'll include them. (Ideally, they should be amusing even to people who haven't done that course.)

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