Echolocation Event at Durham University
On June 19 & 20, 2014 we held an echolocation event
Science Lectures

Lutz Wiegrebe , LMU, Germany
Of bats and men. Principles of sonar guided orientation.
Ivan Dokmanic, EPFL, Switzerland
Tricks and treats with echoes, or how computers hear room shapes. Video.
Lore Thaler, Durham University, UK
Echolocation in People: Brief history and current data. Video.
Karl Wall, IoE, London, UK
Habilitation, rehabilitation, visual impairment & echolocation: update on the UK. Video.
Fiona Gameson, VIPS
Talking to trees and whistling at walls: the method in the madness of echolocation for the visually impaired. Video.

Echolocation Workshop with Daniel Kish

Indoor Panel Exercise - 1. Video.
Indoor Panel Exercise - 2. Video.
Building to Building Exercise. Video.
Moving about Outdoors. Video.
Going up the Hill. Video.
Finding the Trees Exercise. Video.