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3T MRI Scanner @ Durham University Neuroimaging Centre
3T Scanner (3T Whole Body MRI System, Siemens Magnetom Trio) equipped with hard- and software to present calibrated auditory and visual stimuli and to collect participant responses (button presses, eye movements).

Acoustic Lab
Acoustically controlled testing chamber (approx. 2.9m x 4.2m x 4.9m, noise-insulated room-inside-a-room construction, lined with acoustic foam wedges that effectively absorb frequencies above 315 Hz).
We also have equipment to present sounds via speakers and headphones (incl. MRI compatible headphones), and to make binaural recordings both during self movement and whilst remaining stationary.

0T MRI Scanner Simulator
Psychology Software Tools MRI Simulator (mock scanner replicating 3T Siemens Magnetom Trio) for introducing special populations to the scanner, and for piloting stimulus presentation schedules.