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Please note that the Office Mix service will not be available after 1 May 2018. It is being replaced by the ‘Recordings’ tab in PowerPoint. This tab will not appear on University machines, but downloading Office 365 to your personal machine will allow you to use this functionality in PowerPoint. Please see Microsoft’s advice on Migrating your content from Office Mix for details on the transition.

Before using Office Mix

If you would like to include quizzes or other interactive content in an Office Mix (or want your Mix to be hosted publicly for any other reason), there are a few things you need to be aware of.

Interactive Mixes runs on Microsoft’s servers and so the underlying data are hosted outside the University. As such you are reliant on Microsoft to maintain the content, access data (e.g. quiz scores) and keep the Mix service running for as long as you need. Note that it may be updated at any time by Microsoft.

The key issues to keep in mind when uploading Mixes onto the Office Mix website are:

  • Sensitive information should never be included in a Mix.
  • Your Office Mix account is connected to your University Office 365 account when you download the software.
  • Individuals publish Mixes under their own accounts, on a commercial server, and thus are subject to standard copyright law. You should ensure that anything you upload to the Office Mix site is either your own original work or is suitably licensed (e.g. images released into the public domain – see our Copyright pages).
  • Although you retain ownership of your Mix content, there is the risk that Mixes may unexpectedly become inaccessible or disappear from the website.
  • Microsoft do not guarantee privacy for any Mixes that are not set to Private. This means that others can potentially re-share or repurpose your Mixes. If you opt to share your Mix with others by making it Public, then it may be featured on the front of the Office Mix site and anyone can use and re-use your materials.
  • The owner of the Mix can see usage data – e.g. the scores from any embedded quizzes. They may also be able to see the name of the person who took the quiz. The ability to see the scores of individual students risks a data protection breach. Luckily, if you link to a Mix from duo (whether it is yours or someone else’s) student’s names will not be passed to Mix, just a long unique identifier.
  • Try and make your Mix as inclusive as possible – we encourage the use of audio and closed captions (subtitles) – see these guides from Microsoft:
    Authoring an accessible mix
    How to add closed captions to a Mix

You should take note of the following legal documents:

Getting started with Office Mix

Office Mix Quick start guide  (PDF)
Office Mix Quick start guide (Word)

 Screen recording

Office Mix Screen Recording guide (PDF)
Office Mix Screen Recording guide (Word)


Office Mix Quiz guide (PDF)
Office Mix Quiz guide (Word)

Slide recording

Office Mix Slide Recording guide (PDF)
Office Mix Slide Recording guide (Word)


Office Mix Publishing guide (PDF)
Office Mix Publishing guide (Word)

What is Office Mix?