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Getting started with Xerte
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Getting started with Xerte

What is Xerte?
Xerte online training

Creating interactive learning: quick start guide

Xerte Quick start guide (PDF)
Xerte Quick start guide (Word)

Project options

Xerte Project options guide (PDF)
Xerte Project options guide (Word)

Page types overview

Xerte Page types guide (PDF)
Xerte Page types guide (Word)

Tips for viewing

Xerte Tips for viewing (Word)
Note: this is a document that Xerte users can edit and provide for those who are going to be interacting with their learning object.

Sharing and publishing


Tracking Xerte scores in duo using SCORM

Xerte SCORM and duo guide (PDF)
Xerte SCORM and duo guide (Word)


Page type guides

Audio slideshow

Xerte Audio Slideshow guide (PDF)
Xerte Audio Slideshow guide (Word)

Decision tree

Xerte Decision Tree guide (PDF)
Xerte Decision Tree guide (Word)


Xerte Hotspot guide (PDF)
Xerte Hotspot guide (Word)


Xerte Inventory guide (PDF)
Xerte Inventory guide (Word)

Media browser

Xerte Media Browser guide (PDF)
Xerte Media Browser guide (Word)

Multiple choice and quizzes

Xerte Multiple Choice and Quiz guide (PDF)
Xerte Multiple Choice and Quiz guide (Word)

Media lesson

Xerte Media Lesson guide (PDF)
Xerte Media Lesson guide (Word)

Extra features

Allowing users to record and playback audio

Xerte audio recording guide (PDF)
Xerte audio recording guide (Word)

Creating webpages

Xerte webpage guide (PDF)
Xerte webpage guide (Word)

Xerte webpage guide
Xerte webpage guide on Xerte