Ad-hoc (Manual) Recordings Using Encore

If you are teaching in an Encore enabled room but your session is not scheduled to record, you can manually start an recording by following these steps.

Please note – The length of ad-hoc recordings is limited to 54 minutes. This is to avoid conflicts with scheduled recordings.

  1. Login to the teaching PC and check the indicator light is green. This shows you that the system is on and ready to record.
    encore indicator light green ready state
  2. To start the recording double press the button on top of the indicator light. The light will change to red to indicate the recording has now started.
    encore indicator light red
  3. To pause the recording at any time throughout your session, simply press once on the indicator light.
    encore indicator light orange
  4. To stop your recording, simply press and hold the button on the indicator light for three seconds until the red light switches back to green. Your recording has now ended.

Request the recording to be moved

As ad-hoc recordings will not be automatically published to your duo Course, you will need to complete the Encore ad-hoc recording move form so the recording can be moved to the correct folder.

A link to the Ad-hoc recording form can be found on the Encore self-service page.