Grade Centre: advanced functions

How do I download and upload data?

You can download all data from the Grade Centre and also upload a Grade Centre spreadsheet that you have updated.

Downloading and uploading in the Grade Centre (PDF)
Downloading and uploading in the Grade Centre (Word)

How do I change the Grade Centre view?

The Grade Centre has a facility to freeze columns. The first two columns containing students’ first and last names are frozen by default and always remain in position on the left side of the Grade Centre while the rest of the columns can be scrolled through. This makes it easier to match individual students with their data across the Grade Centre if it contains a large number of columns.

Follow the links below for instructions concerning freezing other columns in place on the left hand side:

Changing the Grade Centre view (Word)
Changing the Grade Centre view (PDF)

How do I use Smart Views?

The Grade Centre allows you to customise views to show only the information you need. For example you can create a view that shows only the students in your tutor group, or a view that shows only the assignments you have set in a course.

Follow the links below for instructions on creating different kinds of Smart Views:

Smart Views (Word)
Smart Views (PDF)

NOTE: If students leave the course, some Smart Views will no longer work.

How can I use Marking Periods?

Marking Periods are user-created views that can help manage the Grade Centre.

Follow the links below to create and manage Marking Periods:

Creating marking periods (Word)
Creating marking periods (PDF)

How do I remove a Grade Centre attempt?

IMPORTANT: this does NOT apply to Turnitin submissions.

You can delete an attempt from the Grade Centre or allow a student to submit an additional attempt.

Follow the links below for instructions:

Resetting Grade Centre attempts (Word)
Resetting Grade Centre attempts (PDF)