Wikis in duo for students

As a student you may be asked to produce a piece of work, either individually or collaboratively in a group, within a Blackboard Wiki. This is a tool that sits within duo. This page will give you all the information you need to help you produce this piece of work.

First of all, your lecturer will create wiki submission points for you within your module in duo and will direct you to where to access your link.

How to Create and Edit a Wiki Page

Please watch the following video – it tells you:

  • How to create a wiki page
  • How to edit the wiki page
  • How to link wiki pages together
  • How to view the wiki history

You can also read the online version from the Blackboard Help Site here: Wikis

Understanding the Content Editor

The following video talks you through using the Content Editor tool that you will use for your wiki pages:

  • How to paste in text and tables
  • How to insert an image
  • How to insert a link
  • How to format text

Here is a link to an extensive Blackboard Help Guide on how to add content through the Content Editor: Content Editor

You may also like to see our guides on YouTube videos in duo and Kaltura: uploading, creating and sharing video.

Advice and good practice

Wikis for students (Word)
Wikis for students (PDF)