Tests and Surveys in duo

Tests in duo provide self- and formative assessment for students. Surveys are an informal way to garner student preferences and opinions.

Creating Tests and Surveys

The following playlist features videos on creating and managing Tests and Surveys. Click the play button below to watch the videos in order, or click the menu button at the top left to choose a video to watch.

Tests in duo (PDF)
Tests in duo (Word)

Surveys in duo (PDF)
Surveys in duo (Word)

Exporting and importing

You may wish to use a test or survey that you have created in one duo course in a new site. These cannot be copied over like other content, but they can be exported from the old site and imported into the new one.

Exporting and importing tests and surveys in duo (Word)
Exporting and importing tests and surveys in duo (PDF)

Examples of good practice

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