Electronic whiteboards

Using SMARTboards

Often referred to as Smart Boards (as this is the name used by one of the most common suppliers) these are standard fittings in the centrally bookable classrooms.

These boards are usually coupled to a digital projector and so can be used as (relatively small) projection surfaces. The board is specially constructed so that it can ‘interact’ with any of the special pens and the eraser provided. It will also recognise your finger. This allows anyone to write* on the board (as if it was a normal whiteboard), or literally click through a web page. These annotations can be recorded by many programmes (e.g. PowerPoint), saved as PDF files and/or recorded as a video. This provides a range of different activites for seminars and other small group teaching events.

*WARNING: It should be noted that attempting to write on the board using a normal whiteboard marker can have disastrous results. The board is coated and so it can be very difficult to clean pen off them. If this happens, seek help from a member of the Computing & Information Services.

If you would like training or support changing your course materials to work better with Smart Boards please contact the LTT at itservicedesk@durham.ac.uk