Getting Started with TurningPoint

TurningPoint is an audience response system that offers a powerful way of increasing engagement in lectures and other classroom based sessions. At its simplest level, you can use TurningPoint to incorporate questions into your lectures and have students respond in real time, using their own devices. If you want to take it a step further, you can use TurningPoint to facilitate classroom discussion, game-based learning, or peer instruction as popularised by Harvard Professor Eric Mazur.

All you need to get started is a TurningPoint account. All students need is a mobile device, laptop or TurningPoint “clicker” to respond from.

The following guides offer a simple introduction to TurningPoint.

How to Setup your TurningPoint Account

How to Build a Question

How to Use PowerPoint Polling in Class

If you would like to start using TurningPoint please request an account using the Self-Service Portal. If you would like help or advice using TurningPoint, please  or speak to your faculty learning technologist.

For further information about TurningPoint, including common frequently asked questions, visit the Turning Technologies product page.