How to get a PeerWise account

What is PeerWise?

The process for setting up accounts differs for staff and students


Lecturers need to apply for a special Instructor account that allows them to create courses and enrol users:
You should enter/select Durham University (UK) in the Institution/School field.
Applications need to be approved by Paul Denny at the University of Auckland (who wrote PeerWise).


Students need to wait for an email from their lecturer inviting them to join PeerWise.
This email will contain the two bits of information you need to create your account:

  • Course ID a number that identifies the course that your lecturer has set up for you
  • Identifier a number that uniquely identifies you

Once you have these details you can finish setting up your account here:
You will be able to choose your own username (visible to others) and password.
Many staff encourage creative usernames – e.g. Chemists use subject-based puns – such as bunsen_burner, free_radical and SodiumSodiumBatman !