Scheduled (Automatic) Recordings Using Encore

If you are delivering a timetabled lecture in an Encore enabled room, your session will be automatically recorded and published to duo after two working days without requiring any intervention.

The recording will start at 5 minutes past the hour and end at 5 minutes to the hour. The indicator light will turn red when the recording is taking place.

Pausing the Recording

You can use the indicator light located on the lectern to pause a recording at any time throughout a scheduled lecture. You may find it useful to pause the recording during questions and discussions, during group work, or when displaying sensitive materials not appropriate for playback.

  1. To pause a recording, press and release the button on the top of the indicator light. The light will turn amber to show the recording has been paused.
    encore indicator light orange
    The button only requires a short press. Be careful not to hold the button down for an extended period of time as this will result is the recording being stopped completely.
  2. To resume the recording, press the button again. The light will turn back to red to show the recording has resumed.
    encore indicator light red
    Please note that pausing does not delete sections of your recording, it simply hides those sections from viewers.