Using the Encore Desktop Recorder

You can use Encore to capture content from your own desktop using the Panopto Recorder (Windows and macOS only). This enables you to create pre-recorded presentations, screencasts, video guides and podcasts that can be deployed to any duo Course. This tool may be of particular interest if you’re looking to flip the classroom.

You can access the Panopto recorder in one of two ways:

1. Launch the Panopto Recorder from the App Hub

The Panopto Recorder can be accessed from any managed desktop using the Durham University App Hub. This allows you to launch and use the  Recorder without downloading any software.

encore desktop recorder

2. Install the Panopto Recorder on Your Computer

You can download the Panopto Recorder and install it on your own Windows or Mac computer.

To install the Panopto Recorder:

  1. Locate the Encore Recordings area of a duo Course.
    Link to access Encore recorder
  2. Click Create button
    download panopto button
  3. Select Download Panopto

Further guidance on installing Panopto is available on the Panopto website via the following links:

Making a Recording

The following guides explain how to make a recording using the Panopto Personal Recorder.