Vscene is a video conferencing website that connects multiple participants using web browsers, phones or university video conferencing systems. Free to all university staff, Vscene can be used for remote lectures and seminars and meetings as well as one-to-one discussions.

Durham guides

The following are special instructions for Durham users.

Joining a Vscene session

Joining a Vscene session (Word)
Joining a Vscene session (PDF)

Using Vscene and a video conferencing system

Vscene and video conferencing (Word)
Vscene and video conferencing (PDF)

Live presenting

Live presenting with Vscene (Word)
Live presenting with Vscene (PDF)

Vscene guides

Vscene offer guides and videos to get you started on their website:


Everyone wishing to run a Vscene session needs to register as a Durham staff member.
User registration
Register / sign up to Vscene


Create a conference for meetings where each individual will have their own computer or phone.
Video conferences
Launch / schedule a conferenceManage a live conference and Record / stream a conference

Virtual rooms

Create a virtual room for meetings, lectures or seminars where multiple attendees will be in one room and others will join remotely.
 Vscene virtual rooms
Use a virtual meeting room

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