New Kaltura Video Editing Tools

A new update to the Kaltura editor is being released on January 14th, 2018. This replaces the current clip and trim features in the old editor. The new Kaltura Video Editing Tools offer a one-stop-shop for all timeline editing needs.

Kaltura editor

What has changed?

In the old editor, the Create Clip, Trim Video and Add Quiz options were all accessed through different locations, meaning a somewhat disjointed experience for users. These tools have now been consolidated into one simple user interface making it easier and quicker to edit video.

The new editor is built in HTML5, meaning better compatibility across modern browsers without the need for additional plugins.

Kaltura have also incorporated a number of accessibility shortcuts into the Editor, meaning videos can now be edited using keyboard shortcuts without having to rely on the use of a mouse.

kaltura editor accessibility features

What do I need to do?

Nothing. Kaltura are turning-on the editor for all users, meaning the old editor will no longer be available. This will not have any impact on your existing videos.

Need help?

For guidance on using the new Kaltura Editor, please visit the following guides:

Editing videos in Kaltura

Creating a video quiz or presentation

If you need further assistance, please email the Learning Technologies Team on