Pebblepad Upgrade 1801

On Tuesday, 30 January at 7 am there will be a period of downtime for approximately 20 minutes plus an at risk window until 8 am, whilst Pebble Learning will be upgrading Pebblepad to the latest 1801 release.  This upgrade features a new text editor – the main difference is that the formatting bar appears towards the top of the page and is always visible once the user is editing a text block. It provides better copy and paste, more fonts and other fixes. There are also a lot of accessibility enhancements behind the scenes. Please note that Internet Explorer 10 is now an unsupported browser.

Updates with regards to work for assessment- a new feature is a banner appearing at the top of a submitted asset indicated that it has been submitted – also if an editing deadline has been reached and the asset locked then this will also be indicated by a banner.

You can read about the update here –