Kaltura Upgrade

Kaltura, the online video platform for learning and teaching has recently been upgraded to the latest version. The upgrade fixes a number of bugs and offers the following new features:

Fully-embedded Videos

The way Kaltura videos appear in duo Courses has been improved. Previously videos displayed as thumbnail links that opened a small pop-out video player. Now videos appear fully-embedded providing a more intuitive video experience for users.

kaltura embedded media content.
Kaltura content added to duo Courses now display in an embedded video player.
Please note, this change will only affect new Kaltura media items added to duo. It will not update any existing videos you have previously embedded.

Improvements to Video Quizzes

The upgrade has brought some improvements to video quizzes. Where previously you could only add Multiple Choice questions, you can now add True/False questions and also Reflection Points.

Kaltura reflection point question for a video quiz
Reflection Points allow you to add rhetorical questions that can be used to provoke thought or discussion rather than setting questions that require a specific answer.

Include Videos in Email Announcements

If you use duo Announcements, you now have the ability to embed Kaltura videos that will show in emails.

Kaltura video in email Announcement
Kaltura content added to Announcements can now be embedded within emails.

You can find out more about using Kaltura, including guides on the Kaltura product page.

If you need any help using Kaltura, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any member of the LTT via the IT Service Desk.