Turnitin facts and figures 2017-18

As we prepare for a new academic year, we’ve been looking at how different learning technologies have been used in 2017-18 across the University. First up is Turnitin, our application for assessment submission, originality checking, marking and feedback.

What’s new?

In August 2017 Turnitin introduced Feedback Studio, an upgrade to the marking and feedback interface. Over a quarter of all submissions at Durham were marked with Feedback Studio. A few people reported experiencing issues, and Turnitin responded by adding a button to toggle the High Resolution view on or off.
Turnitin works well and makes a stressful time a lot easier. - Master’s student Social Science & Health

How much is it used?

113,071 documents were submitted to Turnitin in 2017-18.

 This represents an average of 7 submissions per taught student.

Submissions to Turnitin have been slowly but steadily increasing over the past five years:

Turnitin submissions 2013 to 2018

What is it used for?

31,704 scripts were marked in Feedback Studio in 2017-18, 28% of all submissions.

 75% of these included general feedback.

Markers used an average of 6 bubble comments and 3 Quick Marks per script.

Originality reports were run for almost all submissions.
Turn it in is simple and easy to use - First-year undergrad Social Science & Health

What do students say?

(All student feedback from 2018 Student Digital Experience Tracker survey)

93% of Durham students who submitted essays online liked it.

Only 9% of Durham students disagreed that online assessments are delivered and managed well.
"Turnitin works well, it's a good system" Master's student Social Sciences & Health

Have there been any issues?

Turnitin experienced service degradation several times in 2017-18, totalling 8.5 hours, and unscheduled outages totalling 7.5 hours. There were also approximately 30 hours of scheduled maintenance.

The IT service desk received 98 calls from staff and students about Turnitin in 2017-18, which translates to roughly one call for every 62 duo sites that use Turnitin submissions.