Kaltura Update

We’d like to make you aware of some improvements to the Kaltura video service. This includes a new desktop recorder and a fresh, modern interface.

Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture app

Kaltura Capture is a new desktop recording tool that enables you to record video and audio content for your duo Courses. Kaltura Capture has a simple user interface, requiring only one click to record, without complex setup or a lengthy learning curve. Kaltura Capture can be accessed from Kaltura – My Media on the homepage of duo is supported both on Windows and Mac.

In addition, recordings of presentations will include automatic slide detection and searchable text.

As with CaptureSpace Lite, recordings will be automatically uploaded into your Kaltura MyMedia channel in duo.

Guide: How to download and install Kaltura Capture.

What about CaptureSpace Lite?

Kaltura Add New menu

Kaltura Capture is designed as a replacement for CaptureSpace Lite offering improved functionality and user experience. However CaptureSpace Lite will not be removed until summer 2019 meaning you can continue to use CaptureSpace Lite while you familiarise yourself with the new Kaltura Capture tool.

Improved Interface

Kaltura new v2ui interface

In addition to the new recording tools in comes a new look for Kaltura. The entire Kaltura interface has been redesigned to create a new, fresh, modern and clean look. That layout has remained the same, so this should not cause any problems in terms of usability.

If you need any further help or support in using Kaltura, please contact your faculty Learning Technologist or raise a support call through the IT Service Desk.