Student Digital Experience Tracker 2017

In the spring of 2017, Durham joined 73 other post-secondary institutions from the UK and 10 international ones to take part in the JISC Student Digital Experience Tracker survey. At Durham, two versions of the survey were deployed, an on-campus and an online learners survey. The on-campus survey was targeted at first- and second-year undergraduates and taught Master’s students, the second at Masters students studying online (distance learners). Almost 1,000 students responded, providing a representative sample of the on-campus population,  yielding a great deal of insight into the student experience of the University’s digital technologies.

The survey was managed by members of the Learning Technologies Team. It was delivered using the Bristol Online Survey tool, via a custom integration on duo. This generated a unique access token for every respondent, ensuring that all responses were from the target population of students and that each respondent could only complete the survey once.

Click to open the Tracker Report - restricted to Durham staff and students at presentA short report highlighting the key findings has released to University staff and students. A presentation for staff and DSU representatives was given at Durham’s Annual Learning and Teaching Conference in September 2017.

Focussed reports have been created for stakeholders across the University, namely the Library, Disability Services, online programme directors, CAROD, CEEC, and several CIS teams. These reports are available by request from the Learning Technologies Team.

A report containing the findings from all participants is available from JISC – look out for the mentions of duo 🙂

The University also took part in the 2018-19 digital experience insight survey which ended at the end of April.