2019 Digital Experience Insights

Following on from successful surveys of the digital experience of Durham students in 2016-17 and 2017-18, this year Durham again took part in the Jisc Digital Experience Insights survey (now sadly a paid-for service). This year the service has been expanded, adding a new survey for staff.

We feel that these surveys will help us to engage with staff and students, understand their digital experience, and help us planning and lobby for changes to improve the digital environment.

Student Surveys

The on campus and distance learner student surveys were deployed to first and second year undergraduates and taught Masters students. The surveys contains two types of questions. Most of the survey is composed of standard questions asked to all higher education students wherever they study. (The survey is used by a lot of UK institutions, plus several overseas, notably in Australia and New Zealand). There is also space to ask some questions that are important to your institution. Durham students were asked about their experience of the new lecture capture, Encore. This was something that they had requested in past Jisc tracker/digital insight surveys.

The student surveys closed at the end of April and members of DCAD are awaiting the release of results from Jisc before we can analyse the data from Durham and compare these with other institutions in the UK and beyond.

Staff Survey

The staff survey is also multi-institutional, and aims to gather the expectations and experiences of using technology from staff involved in supporting the delivery of learning. In Durham we have chosen to deploy the survey to academic staff.


Privacy Notice: Staff Survey

The aim of this research is to find out about academic staff experience of digital at Durham University and relate this to the student experience as gathered from the related Digital Insights survey for students.

Why am I being asked to take part?

As a member of academic staff at Durham University we would like to hear about your experiences of digital provision and support and development opportunities.

What is involved?

Completing the Digital Experience Insights Survey online. Invited staff will have been sent an email with a unique link allowing them to complete the survey.

Do I have to participate?

Participation is entirely voluntary. You can end your participation at any time and without needing to give any reason.

Protecting your identity

The survey platform does not link personal data with response data, and upon download response data is completely anonymous. We pre-feed the survey with a string identifying a person’s department. This is only used for establishing the representativeness of the survey – i.e. are the results just from a few departments, or do they represent a suitable range? The department value is removed from the data before any analysis of the responses is carried out. Only the data that you provide in the survey will be reported on and used to identify potential correlations. All data will be held securely and destroyed after two years.

How will my responses be used?

We plan to use this research to produce a report for Durham University staff and students, for internal and external presentations and potentially for publication. The target audiences will be the University Learning & Teaching Committee, CIS and DCAD as well as students and staff generally. Anonymous quotes may be used as part of these outputs.

Key Contacts

Project Leads: Dr Malcolm Murray and Candace Nolan-Grant
Email: dcad.enquiries@durham.ac.uk