JISC Vscene Service

Guides – step by step help in using Vscene


Vscene is a video-conferencing system offered by JISC. It offers tools that can be used to hold meetings (where people share video and audio feeds), share applications – e.g. everyone can see one person’s desktop or a programme they are using. It also allows you to schedule video conferences that anyone can join (either as a participant, or just watching a streamed feed). The system can connect to the dedicated video-conferencing equipment in certain classrooms to give a very high quality experience. This video gives more details:

Case Studies

Blended Seminars in Theology


For more information contact a member of the Learning Technologies Team or the AV Team via the IT Service Desk.
The official web pages: https://www.jisc.ac.uk/vscene provide a lot more information – e.g. eligibility criteria and supported browsers.