Kaltura guides

What is it?

Video is an enticing medium to use in learning and teaching, but many people are scared off by the associated technicalities (format, codecs, bit rates, etc.). The University needed a solution to simplify the creation and upload of video that allows a lot of people to access the same file at the same time using a range of different devices. To that end CIS chose a specialised media streaming solution – Kaltura.

Kaltura integrates with duo, providing you easy ways to create, upload and edit videos to use in learning and teaching. There are options to record from webcams, create screen captures, caption clips, embed quizzes into your video and sync powerpoint with slides.

How does it work?

You can access your Kaltura – Media Library from the home page of duo. Think of this as your personal media channel for storing and managing all of your audio and video content. From within your Media Library, you can also download CaptureSpace Lite – a desktop recorder for creating your own video recordings.

Kaltura is fully-integrated into duo, allowing you to easily add videos to module sites at the click of a button.

What do you need?

You can access Kaltura from any web-enabled device, but for full functionality we advise using a desktop or laptop.

To use Kaltura to record your own video content, you will need:

  • CaptureSpace Lite (Desktop recorder) installed on a PC or Mac
  • Microphone
  • Webcam

What could it be used for?

You might consider using Kaltura to…

  • Create pre-recorded videos for students, freeing up face-to-face time for questions, discussion and active learning.
  • Allow students to submit video assignments
  • Create welcome videos for your modules
  • Record an equipment or software demonstration
  • Record audio or video feedback


  • Kaltura offers an all-in-one solution for video and audio needs
  • Kaltura is available to staff and students
  • Kaltura is simple to use and works seamlessly across any device
  • Kaltura provides its own analytics, so you can see how students are interacting with your videos
  • Create video quizzes and see scores in the Grade Centre


  1. Blended Learning
  2. Flipped Classroom
  3. Transitions into HE

Things to watch

  • Kaltura should be used in duo only. Videos created for public-facing websites should go on the University’s YouTube channel.


The Learning Technologist for your faculty would be happy to discuss using Kaltura with you.

REVIEW DATE: February 2018

PRODUCT: Kaltura