Pebblepad Help

What is it?

Pebblepad is a portfolio tool that allows students to present their work, experience and ideas in a free-form or structured way. It is firstly a personal reflective tool for all students and staff within Durham University. It is private to you and only if you add permissions to ‘share’ work will it be viewable by others. For teaching and learning purposes, your module leader may share a structured workbook or portfolio for you to complete as part of an assessment process.

How does it work?

Pebblepad can be accessed via duo (link on front page of duo or within duo modules) or directly from the Pebblepad gateway ( where you can authenticate via your Durham CIS UserID and password. Staff can use the Atlas interface within Pebblepad to manage student groups, templates and submissions for assessment purposes. There is also a free app from the Apple and Google stores to access Pebblepad and this allows you to upload evidence and store reflections that you can use within the Pebblepad interface.

What do you need?

Pebblepad is accessed either via duo or via a web browser (see above).  To extend the functionality, download the free Pebblepad app onto your mobile or tablet device and authenticate using the institution Durham and your Durham CIS UserID and password. There is no need to download anything else.


Any Durham student or staff member can access Pebblepad, and any staff member can use Atlas, that sits within Pebblepad, to keep track of student work.


If you are interested in using Pebblepad for teaching and learning, contact the Learning Technologist for your Faculty in the first instance.  Please note that you need permissions to use Pebblepad within duo modules so you do need to consult with the Learning Technologies Team first.

What could it be used for?

Pebblepad allows students to create portfolios and blogs that incorporate text, images, documents and multimedia. It also provides staff with the tools to create templates and workbooks, monitor student progress and evaluate submissions.

You might consider Pebblepad if…

  • You are thinking about using portfolios for formative or summative assessment
  • Students in your department would like the opportunity to compile work to showcase for employers
  • Your department is looking to bring reflective practice, academic advising, supervision or other overarching activities online


  • User-friendly interface for students
  • A range of flexible sharing options
  • Instant documenting of learning events
  • Options for creating forms, templates and workbooks

Things to watch

  • If students are meant to share their work on Pebblepad, staff must ensure that they understand how to grant access to their portfolios appropriately, or to set up systems in Atlas that avoid reliance on students.
  • For staff who would like to use the Atlas management functionality, it does take time to understand the interface, organise students and ensure that their work is identifiable in ways that will be most helpful to you.
  • Using Pebblepad for summative assessment would need to be considered in terms of University and departmental policies on submission and marking.


Pebblepad is a student-friendly but powerful tool. Its complexity means that a significant time commitment is required for those who want to use features beyond the basics, and we are building case studies of usage.


Contact your Faculty’s Learning Technologist or the IT service desk if you are interested in using Pebblepad.

REVIEW DATE: August 2017