Piazza is a tool that can be accessed from duo. It is designed around questioning, to encourage students to ask (and answer) questions. You might find it more fluid than the standard discussion board tools available in duo. Staff can highlight good questions and answers to encourage participation. There are options to create wikis and poll the class. It is also possible for staff to invite people external to the University into the discussion, but without them being able to access content in duo.

This video provides an overview:


There is no charge for using Piazza.

Accessing Piazza from duo

The tool will be switched on shortly – watch this space! Staff with the role of Instructor can link their duo course to a course on Piazza.

Getting Help

Help for staff and students can be found at  http://support.piazza.com/

Mobile App

There are Piazza mobile apps for Android and iOS – see   http://support.piazza.com/

Case Studies

There are a range of case studies published on Piazza’s website at  https://piazza.com/professors

Data Management

Anything you and your students create on this site is hosted by Piazza Technologies in the US, not in Durham. This means that unlike content in duo or on other University systems, it will not be automatically removed when the module is taught out and the corresponding duo course is deleted. Instead staff are responsible for managing such content. To help, when a duo course is ready for deletion a check is run to see if there are any links to Piazza. If so the staff who teach it will be contacted and asked to ensure all relevant materials have been deleted. This is as simple as deleting the Piazza course.

Note this tool will be introduced shortly

LAST UPDATED: 6th June 2016