Proven Solutions

On Monday 13th June 2016 over 45 staff met at the Calman Learning Centre to share their experiences in the first of what we hope will be a regular gathering entitled Enhancing Teaching Through Technology: Proven Solutions


Dr Susan Pyner from the School of Biological & Biomedical Sciences discussed how she uses ADInstruments software to manage lab classes and let students analyse and write-up their experiments later, maximising their thinking time.
Pete Ward
Prof Pete Ward shared how he brought distance learners from across the UK into his face to face seminars in the Theology Department using the JISC VScene service. The result was a richer, more informed discussion.
Simon Rees and Jess Sequera
Jess Sequera
and Dr Simon Rees introduced FOCUS – a searchable collection of Durham student writings created by the Foundation Centre. They explained how this corpus helps support academic writing needs and the online resources for self-access they’ve developed using Xerte.
Holiday Building
Emma Crawford
from the School of Medicine, Pharmacy & Health shared her experiences of lecture capture. The School has been using Panopto, accessed through a link to Newcastle University’s Medical School.
Trudi Buck
Dr Trudi Buck explained how she’s increased student engagement in lectures in the Anthropology Department using polls delivered using a mobile app – getting rid of the need to issue and collect clickers.


Jacquie RobsonPEERWISE
Dr Jacquie Robson described how students used this collaborative tool to create MCQs. Chemistry students rise to the challenge of this novel approach to peer assessment, and the easy-to-use, social-media-style portal, which includes leader boards and the collection of reward ‘badges’, motivating students to work independently.
Dr Teti Dragas & Lesley Kendall talked about the way they used video on a teacher development module run by the English Language Centre for international teachers. They used multiple simultaneous recordings made available shortly after the session via Kaltura to help teachers and their peers to reflect on their practice.
The Instructional Design Team within the Business School has worked on a number of online modules where blogs for reflection have been woven into the assessment process. Steve Fox shared examples of practice and discussed the lessons earned from applying both pedagogy and technology in support of this.
Alaric PritchardONENOTE
Alaric Pritchard
from Computing & Information Services talked about ways staff and students can use Microsoft OneNote to improve online collaboration – from individual note-taking to shared class workbooks.

It was followed by lunch and a series of hands-on discussion sessions which allowed people to try out the technology for themselves.