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What is it?

Xerte is an online tool that allows you to create interactive learning objects and webpages.

How does it work?

Xerte is hosted at Durham, so simply log in with your usual credentials here: https://apps.dur.ac.uk/xerte/

Xerte demo
See a full Xerte demo

You can use Xerte to…

  • Create responsive webpages
  • Introduce text in dynamic ways
  • Upload and embed images
  • Upload and embed audio and video
  • Add hotspots to images
  • Sync audio and video with text
  • Create multi-media galleries
  • Include interactive and non-linear navigation
  • Create self-assessments with feedback

Once you have created a learning object or webpage, it is accessed via a hyperlink or embedded in a website (for example a duo module).

What do you need?

Xerte example

  • Desktop or laptop with Flash installed (note that the Xerte projects do not need Flash to run)
  • Up-to-date browser
  • Fast internet connection (if you will be uploading your own audio/video files)

What could it be used for?

Xerte’s responsive webpage (Bootstrap) template allows you to quickly design a website, including multi-media and click-through content. Xerte’s interactive learning objects are are most effective for learning that benefits from multi-media elements, opportunities to practice or test knowledge, and investigation and exploration. They offer easy integration of textual, audio and video materials with active learning, making it ideal for online learning and blended learning or flipped classes, as well as for development, training and instructional materials.Xerte media lesson

You might consider using Xerte interactive learning objects if…

  • You would like a way for learners to actively review content and test their knowledge and understanding
  • You want learners to navigate their way through content by making choices and responding to new information
  • You would like to introduce learners to ideas and concepts in a multi-modal way before face-to-face sessions
  • You want a platform where students can create multi-media projects for formative or summative assessment


  • Hosted at Durham, Xerte is available to all staff and students.
  • It is easy to learn how to use the interface, and to collaborate with other users.
  • Xerte is built for accessibility and offers a number of options to further enhance the experience for all learners.
  • Learning objects can be accessed on mobile devices and embedded in other websites, including duo.
  • Hyperlinked and embedded learning objects allow for instant updating if you need to make changes.

 Drawbacks and issues

  • There are a small number of bugs in the software, which are detailed in the guides (see link near top of page).
  • Recording completion and score data requires download from Xerte and upload into duo.

  PedagogiesAnnotated diagram example

Blended learning
Independent learning with Xerte could be part of a blended module.

Flipped classroom
Xerte would add an interactive dimension to the flipped classroom model where students watch a lecture or presentation in their own time.


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External Case Study: Making a difference-inclusive learning and teaching in higher education through open educational resources

REVIEW DATE: June 2018

PRODUCT: Xerte v3.5