LTT Away Day

Today the entire Learning Technologies Team decamped to Mountjoy and spent the day thinking about what we do and why. It’s something I think we don’t do enough of as a team, but that’s because it’s always easy to put it off.

We looked at the aims of the LTT, performed SWOT analyses, discussed a series of hot topics, future strategies, needs analysis, etc.  As you might expect we used a fair bit of technology – there were iPads, laptops and android phones around the table, and the main session was displayed on a SmartBoard.  Sadly the USB connection to the SmartBoard wasn’t working, so we were stuck treating it like PowerPoint, meaning I had to do a lot more writing by hand than I was expecting. Technology eh!  There was also paper, pens and post-its too – always good to have a back-up plan.

Expect a few postings to the blog over the next few days as LTT members begin the process of reflecting on the day’s activities.