Pre-Conference Options

On Monday, 5th January we are offering some free Workshops and User Groups, along with a chance to meet our Conference Sponsors!

2 – 5 pm – Derman Christopherson Room, Calman Learning Centre
Blackboard Mobile User Group meeting led by Blackboard

2 – 5 pm – Anne Galbraith Board Room, The Law School, Palatine Centre
LTI in Action Workshop led by Stephen Vickers (IMS) and Simon Booth (Stirling University)

2 – 5 pm – Location TBC
Blackboard Enterprise Surveys Workshop led by Julie Mulvey (Durham University)

See below for further details

Our Sponsors: Kaltura, Pebble Learning, Turning Technologies, Eesysoft, Talis and MyKnowledgeMap will be setting up during the afternoon and from 5 pm until 6 pm be hosting a short Drinks Reception.



LTI in action Workshop – Led by Simon Booth (University of Stirling), Stephen Vickers (IMS)

Summary: This session will be an informal event about all things related to LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability): the simple way to extend your VLE. It will cover the basics of LTI and how it can be used from within Learn 9, as well as review the changes over the past year and look at where it is going in the immediate future.

We will also spend time looking at some real learning applications and the pros and cons of using LTI to integrate them into Learn 9.

Pre-requisites: Just a passion for improving student outcomes through the effective use of technology.

Takeaways: Current state of the LTI and its related specifications; an appreciation of when LTI can benefit administrators, teachers and students; and why LTI support is an important question to ask of any third party application vendor.

Enterprise Surveys Workshop led by Julie Mulvey from Durham University

This will be a hands on workshop exploring how to use Enterprise Surveys within your institution.

We will work through

  • Institutional Hierarchies
  • How to create a survey
  • How to deploy a survey to recipients
  • How to monitor survey’s whilst live
  • Getting the results out
  • How the percentages are worked out

Bring a survey from your institution with you so you will have something to work from.

We may need you to bring a laptop in order to attend this session – if anyone has a problem with this – can you please email