The Idea

student voice

student voice

This project came about as a joint effort between two services seeking to do and find out a number of things:

1. How do we get honest and accurate information about what students do with, feel about and use technology for as part of their learning?

2. How do we involve students more in designing, improving and developing their own learning experiences.

3. How do we provide genuine opportunities for students to undertake work experience?

4. How do we provide skills training that is contextualised and allows students to apply what they are learning in a safe but meaningful situation?

All these questions are part of the modern universities wish-list and should

In this project we’ve decided to take a backseat and let the students take the lead on this. To get the honest answers and give students the space to develop their skills, we’re putting everything in place and devolving responsibility to students to have an active, informed and supported and central role.

This blog is to keep track of both our reflections as we progress and also to share the things we learn along the way.

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