Mark Hayes is an Honorary Fellow in the Department of Theology and Religion and the former holder of the St Hilda Chair in Catholic Social Thought and Practice at Durham University. Please also visit his Durham University website.

He was formerly Fellow and Director of Studies in Economics at Robinson College and an Affiliated Lecturer in the Faculty of Economics, in the University of Cambridge. You can also visit his Cambridge University website. His non-academic background is in finance, as an investment manager at 3i, and as principal founder and Managing Director (1990-99) of Shared Interest, a financial co-operative supporting the Fair Trade movement.

He was formerly the Secretary of the Post-Keynesian Economics Society (PKES, then PKSG) and a Trustee of the Association for Social Economics.

In his role at Durham he is applying the skills of an economist to the task of translation of the principles of Catholic Social Thought into policy. He recently completed a project on Company Law reform with the Centre for Catholic Social Thought and Practice.

Policy Documents

2017. Response to Green Paper on Corporate Governance Reform, Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

2016. Submission to BEIS Select Committee Corporate Governance Inquiry, House of Commons.

2013. The Capital Finance of Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies, Co-operatives UK.

Selected podcasts

2016. Industry More Content, Finance Less Proud - talk only - slides only - paper

2015. Keynes, the Pope and the IMF - talk only - slides only - paper

2015. Addressing some criticisms of Fair Trade - talk only

2010. The Post-Keynesian (Policy) Difference - talk only - transcript

2009. Fair Trade: Feel-good fashion or global blueprint? - talk with slides - talk only - slides only

2008. BBC Radio 4, The World Tonight, 31 October, on Keynes © BBC 2008 and subject to the BBC's terms of use. Used with permission.

Other media contributions - see also the Abbey House Blog

2016. The Tablet, 16 June, On the move

2014. The Tablet, 26 June, Fair trade is still a rich harvest

2014. The Conversation, 27 January, Traders can no longer corner corn, but don’t expect stable prices

2013. The Tablet, 6 December, On the economy, Francis says what no politician will

Working Papers (see also EconPapers webpage for PKES working papers)

2016. Recognising Membership Through Work

2016. Trades unions, real wages and full employment

2015. Towards the reform of the international financial and monetary systems in the context of global political authority: an appraisal

2014. Speculation

Books and book chapters (see also EconLit search - requires subscription)

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Peer-reviewed papers and publications (see also EconPapers webpage)

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