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Remote control and streaming video

Under Construction

Beta: 0, Gamma: 0
On a smartphone you should see beta and gamma values giving the orientation of your device. These should affect the orientation of the Pibot above. On an iPhone it should try and stay upright when viewed in landscape mode.

Rather than having to have a keyboard, mouse and screen attached to the Raspberry Pi, sometimes it would be nice to control it, and view output from it, remotely. One approach is to use an ssh client, or even a remote desktop, as described in Optional set up, but this page is about more 'user friendly' control. The goal is to have the smartphone gyroscope control the Pibot's behaviour. But first let's look at using simple text-based messages to trigger behaviour on the Pibot.

The first step is to create a program on the Raspberry Pi that is capable of listening for messages coming in, and then taking appropriate action. The second step is generating messages to send to the Raspberry Pi.

Listening for messages

We will use UDP to send little text messages.