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Molecular Simulations of Soft Matter: liquid crystals, polymers, lipids, proteins, colloids.
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PDRA Positions

Postdoctoral workeris in the group are paid according to the University scale at either level 6 or 7, depending on the nature of the post. Postdoctoral workers come in two forms, a) those working on projects funded by a research council or industry grant, b) those with personal fellowships. We advertise all new PDRA posts on the group web pages, on the Durham University vacancies pages and on

We are always interested in hearing from good candidates who are able to provide their own source of funding through fellowships etc. For the right candidates we are able to provide state-of-the-art facilities for research (3500+ processor core computer system), a stimulating research environment and excellent academic support.

Finally, there are a number of fellowship opportunities for outstanding researcher who like to join the group or to work in computational soft matter. Details are included in the link below (which includes links to university fellowships and also fellowships funded by outside bodies). These fellowships are very competitive (extremely competitive!) but are suitable for candidates with outstanding academic publication records. They include junior research fellowships and also some schemes tagetted at international senior scienctists. here

Ph.D. positions (EU students)

Normal entry requirements for a Ph.D. would be a good Masters degree in Chemistry, Physics or a related topic. We would also consider applications from exceptional BSc students, though these students would be required to register for a Masters degree initially.

Fees to study for a Ph.D. or a research based MSc. must be paid to the University. The costs of fees can be found through the university tuition fees pages, to be found at

Each year there is normally funding in the group to pay tuition fees and a stipend (National Minimum Doctoral Stipend for 2017/18 is £14,553) for one ne UK/ EU student to start a research degree in the research group. Usually these projects are linked to existing areas of research (soft matter, liquid crystals, polymers, molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo, chirality).
Currently we are planning new projects on
i) liquid crystals - simulations of novel nematic phases and/or simulation of novel ferroelectric systems,
ii) membranes - damage to membranes by antimicrobial peptides and peptoids,
iii) coarse-grained simulations - developing new transferable models for soft matter systems.

Please see the group home page for further details of current studentships.

For more information on how to apply for a Ph.D. in the group, see...
Chemistry Department page for postgraduate applications
The University Graduate School
Applications for postgraduate study should be carried out online

Non-UK candidates must normally have the appropriate qualification in English or have considerable experience in using the English language.

Ph.D. positions (Non-EU students)

We are pleased to welcome good overseas students with fellowships who are keen to do a Ph.D. in the UK. We have students from all continents (apart from Antarctica) in the Chemistry Department; and the University provides excellent support services to help new students settle into Durham. Many of the best research students in the department in recent years have gone on to establish their own research careers, gaining professorships in many other countries.

We regret that it is often difficult to provide full funding for non-EU students. Non-EU students must normally pay overseas fees to the University, as (unlike EU students) the UK government does not provide the University with additional money to fund the costs of study.

There are various national and international scholarship funds available for non-EU students (depending on country of origin) but (of course) it is up to the interested student to hunt these out.

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