Dr Marko Nardini

Dept of Psychology, Durham University



Post-doc, PhD and RA vacancies that come up will be posted here.

If you are interested in joining the lab, there are also some ways to secure funding for this yourself, listed below:

Prospective Post-docs
Prospective PhD students
Prospective Masters students
Research Assistant placements

See the Research page and recent publications for research areas and get in touch if you have a project proposal you would like to develop. Most of these schemes are very competitive so you would need to have a strong academic track record to apply.

Note that there have been no changes yet to UK participation in EU research programmes, or eligibility of EU citizens to study or work at UK universities. The UK government has also guaranteed to cover EU funding beyond the date the UK leaves the EU, so researchers can continue to apply for EU funds.

Prospective Post-docs

NINEDTP Post-Doctoral Fellowships (deadline March 2018)

Newton International Fellowships (deadline March 2018)

Marie Curie Individual Fellowships (deadline Sep 2018)

Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowships (deadlines twice a year - next May 2018)

Addison-Wheeler Fellowships (next call late 2018)

Durham International Junior Research Fellowships (next call late 2018)

There may also be schemes specific to your country - for example, here is one forĀ PhD holders from Portugal.

Prospective PhD students

There are two routes to a funded PhD place with me in the Durham Dept - 1. via the NINEDTP, and 2. via departmental or faculty studentships (e.g. Durham Doctoral Studentships). Deadlines for the all these are in the first half of January every year. For potential research areas, see the Research page and recent publications. Get in touch by November or early December at the latest if you may be interested in applying.

The NINEDTP is suitable for candidates with or without a Masters degree (in the latter case, funding is for 1 year Masters + 3 years PhD). For departmental or faculty studentships, a Masters degree is not a requirement, but because these places are very competitive a Masters degree is likely to be a strong advantage.

You can also apply as a self-funded PhD student, or one who has obtained funding from a scheme based in their own country. You can look into potential sources of funding here.

Prospective Masters students

You could do a 1-year research project with me to obtain an MSc / MA by Research. For this programme you carry out a year of research, examined by thesis. Normally self-funded, but see also these potential sources of funding.

You could also do a (smaller) research project with me as part of one of the excellent taught Masters programmes in the Department.

Research Assistant placements

Current UK undergraduates can obtain funding for 6-10 week summer research placements in the lab via competitive schemes from EPS (next deadline Mar 2018), Wellcome (next deadline Feb 2018), and Nuffield (next call 2018).

You can also get in touch about placements at other times of year, if you are studying abroad, or from the UK but not a current undergraduate.