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Charter of King Duncan II of Scotland, [1093 x 1094] (DCD Misc. Ch. 554. Duncan 1999)
Writ of William II confirming grant of King Edgar [1095 ?] (Bishop & Chaplais, no. viii: DCD Misc. Ch. 973)
View background/transcription of document 1.1.Reg.7Writ of William II concerning Billingham, [c.1090] (DCD 1.1.Reg.7; Scriptores tres App. p. xx. Regesta i, no. 344)
View background/transcript for document 2.1.Reg.5Charter of Henry I, 1109 (DCD 2.1.Reg.5; Scriptores tres App. pp. xxxii-iii. Regesta ii, no. 918)
Forged writs of Henry I (DCD 2.1.Reg.17 (genuine), 2.1.Reg.11, 2.1.Reg.14, 3.1.Reg.6. Regesta ii, nos 505, 502-504; Chaplais 1960)
Confirmation of cathedral chapter of episcopal grant, [1149 ? x 1154] (DCD 1.6.Spec.20)
Charter of Henry II [1166 X 1169] (DCD 1.2.Reg.12) OR [1155 x 1157] (DCD 3.1.Reg.9) OR [1154 x 1166] (DCD 3.1.Reg.4)
Writs of Henry II [1154 x 1173] (DCD 2.1.Reg.2, 3.1.Reg.2)
Forged [c.1160-70] charter of Bishop William of St Calais (1080-96) (DCD 1.1.Pont.4a; Durham Episcopal Charters no. 4a)
Grant, with warranty, recording perambulation, [c.1165] (DCD 4.2.Spec.34)
Grant of marriage portion, [1172 x 1177] (DCD 1.5.Spec.4)
Private charter, [c.1180] (DCD 3.7.Spec.21; Feodarium p. 125)
Draft charter, 1180 (DCD 4.9.Spec.30; Feodarium pp. 141-42)
Chirograph settlement, 1189 (DCD 4.16.Spec.45b; cf. Surtees Soc. 95 pp. 204-05 and 212-13)
Cartulary copy, [c.1215], of grant of Bishop Hugh with reversion, [1189 x 1195] ((DCD Cart. El. Parv. p. 83)
Charter recording vif-gage, [1192] (DCD 4.1.Finc.43)
Charter recording sale, [c.1192] (DCD 1.1.Finc.10)
Charter recording gift in free alms, [c.1192] (DCD 4.1.Finc.33; The Priory of Finchale ..., pp. 11-12)
Cartularly copy, [c.1408], of lost grant of wheat, [1190 x 1208] (DCD  Cart. II f. 1r) NB. LARGE FILE
File copy (contrabrevium) for exchange at Billingham, [c.1200] (DCD  Misc. Ch. 6484; Feodarium p. 31)
  Transcription of contrabrevium
Letters of protection of King John [1199 or 1203] (DCD 3.1.Reg.17)
Charter endowing chantry, [1208 x ? 1213] (DCD 4.16.Spec.24)
Mandate of Pope Innocent III to judges delegate, 1211 (DCD 3.1.Pap.5; Cheney & Cheney, no. 894)
  Calendar of mandate of Pope Innocent III
Charter granting rent and service for 20 years, with warranty, [1212] (DCD 3.1.Elemos.14)
Grant of two brothers "cum tota sequela", [ x 1220] (DCD  1.2.Finc.67)
Sworn undertaking of parson of Bedlington, [c.1220] (DCD Misc. Ch.374)
Appropriation of Aycliffe church by Bishop Marsh, [c.1220], with braid for sealing-tag (DCD 2.2.Pont 2a. Snape, no. XX)
Cartulary copy, [c.1225], of appropriation (DCD Misc. Ch. 7177 fol. 20r, restored)
Cartulary copy, [c.1225], of quit-claim by final concord following an assize of darrein presentment, 1218 (DCD Cart. Vet. f. 61r)
Cartulary copy, [c.1500], of grant in Newcastle, [1220 x 1234] (DCD  Communar's Cart. f. 16v)
Depositions, [1225] (DCD 2.5.Pont.1 mm. 5-6)
Indulgence for replacement etc. of vaulting, 1235 (DCD Misc. Ch. 1512)
Notification of admission, institution, etc., 1236 (DCD 2.1.Archiep.20)
Grant of Billingham vicarage, [1234 x 1244] (DCD Misc. Ch. 67)
Chirograph undertaking, [1234 X 1244] (DCD 3.9.Spec.8; Piper (1992), 39)
Profession slips (DCM Misc. Ch. 6067a, 1a)
View the background/transcription of document 3.15.Spec.6Chirograph agreement, 1243 (DCD 2.14.Spec.41)
View the background/transcription of document 3.15.Spec.6Will, 1248 (DCD 3.15.Spec.6)
Starr of Deulecres and Jornin, sons of Jose of Kent, 1250 (DCD Misc. Ch. 4455. Ed. Birnbaum)
View the background/transcription of document 3.15.Spec.6Private charter, c.1250 (DCD 2.1.Spec.19)
Return of inquest into Dinsdale church, 1253 (DCD 1.11.Spec.10)
Lease of Dinsdale church, 1255 (DCD Misc. Ch. 1660)
View the background/transcription of document 3.15.Spec.6Licence by Henry III, 1257 (DCD 1.2.Reg.13)
Settlement of claim to dower, [c.1265] (DCD 2.1.Elemos.26a)
Ordinance for vicarage, 1269 (DCD 3.1.Archiep.4)
View the background/transcription of document 3.15.Spec.6Receipt for deposited cash, 1269 (DCD Misc. Ch. 4033)
Formulary, [c.1270] (DCD Misc. Ch. 5712 m. 2)
Concession of freedom to mine coal and transport it, [1258 x 1290] (DCD  Misc. Ch. 2114*)
Bond foregoing right to warranty or recompense, [1275: see 4.1.Elemos.16] (DCD 4.1.Elemos.17)
File copy of manumission, 1276 (DCD Loc.XXVIII:1h)
File copy, altered, of presentation, 1277 (DCD Misc. 5199)
Subscriptions of monks to Bishop Bek's election, 1283 (DCD Misc. Ch. 5709a) NB. LARGE FILE
Mandate of Pope Martin IV for a case to be heard, 1284 (DCD 4.2.Pap.4)
Receipt for payment for [Bordeaux] wine bought at Hull, 1290 (DCD Misc. Ch. 3690)
Absolution from irregular excommunication, 1292 (DCD Misc. Ch. 4119)
View the background/transcription of document 3.15.Spec.6Writs of Edward I for inquest, etc., 1292 and 1294 (1.5.Ebor.44, 1.5.Ebor.12)
Receipts of notary for pension, 1295, 1297 (DCD Misc. Ch. 3996, 3465, 3838)
Allowance of expenses against collection of taxation, 1296 (DCD Misc. Ch. 4870)
Notification concerning title-deeds handed over, seal-tag cut from [draft], [s. xiii/xiv] (DCM Misc. Ch. 172)
Confirmation of grant of wax, [x 1303 / 1306] (DCD 4.1.Sacr.15)
Notarial appointment of proctors, 1302 (DCD Loc.VII:17)
Receipt for part repayment of loan, 1303 (DCD Misc. Ch. 4922)
Appointment of proctor to collect wool, 1303 (DCD Misc. Ch. 4427)
Receipt, with bond, for loan of a book, 1304 (DCD Misc. Ch.4130)
View the background/transcription of document 3.15.Spec.6Notarial instruments, 1305 and 1306 (DCD Loc.VII:7, Loc.VII:65)
Receipt of proctor in the papal curia, 1312 (DCD Misc. Ch. 3841)
Cellarer's account, 1313-14 (DCM)
  Registered copy of visitation injunctions, 1314 (DCD Reg. II f. 51)
Indented grant for life of a dovecot, [s. xiv in.] (DCD Misc. Ch. 1572)
Order for payment to Robert Bruce, 1318 (DCD Misc. Ch. 4265)
Receipt for payment by the community of the bishopric, 1318 (DCD Misc. Ch. 3731).
Indented receipt for receipts of Robert Bruce, 1318 (DCD Misc. Ch. 4399)
Grant of a pension pending a benefice, 1321 (DCD Misc. Ch. 4235)
Receipt, in French, for 200 marks, 1326 (DCD Misc. Ch. 5053)
Prior's free court roll, 1330 (DCD Loc.IV:54)
View the background/transcription of document 3.15.Spec.6 Grain and stock sections of Billingham account, 1330-1 (DCM) NB. LARGE FILE
View the background/transcription of document 3.15.Spec.6 Foot of fine, 1332 (DCD Misc. Ch. 229)
Writ of King Edward III for delivery of tax revenues, 1337 (DCD Misc. Ch. 4622)
View the background/transcription of document 3.15.Spec.6 Indented agreement, 1338 (DCD 4.14.Spec.36)
Receipt for furred robe, 1340 (DCD Misc. Ch. 3487)
  Enrolled livestock accounts, [1340] - 1341 (DCD m. 2 face)
Repertory of deeds, [c.1340] (DCD Misc. Ch. 426 f. 5)
Inquest on articles of the crown, 1341 (DCD Misc. Ch. 1611)
Indentures waiving 80% of arrears, 1343 (DCD 5.2.Elemos.4a and 4b)
View the background/transcription of document 3.15.Spec.6 Rental, 1343-4 (DCD Bursar's Book A fol. 82v) NB. LARGE FILE
  Inspeximus by prior and chapter of episcopal appointment, 1344 (DCD  Reg. II f. 29r; Registrum palatinum iii,374, from another copy of appointment)
View documentLetter, in French, of the queen concerning episcopal election, [1345] (DCD Misc. Ch. 5375)
Charter setting up tail for descent of property, 1346 (DCD Misc. Ch. 88)
Balance, with schedule, of bursar's account, 1350-1 (DCD Bursar's Ac. 1350-1 (A))
View the background/transcription of document 3.15.Spec.6 Section of bursar's account, 1356-7 (DCD Bursar's Ac. 1356-7 (A); extr. Surtees Soc. 100,558)
Indented memorandum of account, in French, 1359 (DCD Misc. Ch. 1464 [Claxton])
Depositions over distance between York and the diocese of Durham, 1361 (DCD Misc. Ch. 2610 mm. 2-3)
Petition to the king, in French, [s. xiv2] (DCD Misc. Ch. 218)
  Bishop Hatfield's register, 1362 (DCD Reg. Hat. f 57r)
Discharge of executors, 1363 (DCD Misc. Ch. 3370)
  Bond for payment for wool, with seal of the Statute Merchant for Newcastle, 1366 (DCD 3.13.Spec.28)
Building expenses on new kitchen, [1366-68] (DCD Misc. Ch. 7264)
Inquest into rightful holder of burgage, 1374 (DCD 1.2.Sacr.26)
Mortgage, 1375 (DCD Misc. Ch. 6319)
Mortmain licence of Bishop Hatfield, with chancery seal, 1379 (DCD  3.9.Pont.10a)
Indented record of cash offerings at St Cuthbert's shrine, 1379 (DCD  Feretrar's receipts 1379)
  Registered copy of commission of prior of Durham, 1380 (DCD Reg. II f. 212v)
Grant, in French, of an annual fallow-deer, 1383 (DCD Misc. Ch. 392)
Illuminated document, 1386 (DCD 4.5.Ebor.4b)
  Grant of corrody, with bond and defeasance, 1386 (DCD Reg. II f. 215r)
Draft record of inquisition ad quod dampnum, 1388 (DCD 1.11.Pont.3)
Testimonal (galled) of prior of Bermondsey of a monk's good behaviour, 1386 (DCD Misc. Ch. 410)
Ludus account, 1392 (DCD Misc. Ch. 211)
View the background/transcription of document 3.15.Spec.6 Section of Halmote court roll, Summer 1394 (DCM)
Forces at clergy muster, 1400 (DCD Loc.XIX:128)
View the background/transcription of document 3.15.Spec.6 Inspeximus confirmation of Henry IV, 1401 (DCD 1.5.Reg.1)
  Indented dormitory building account, 1400-02 (DCD Loc.II:13/6-8) ON DISPLAY
Contract for work on the dormitory, 1402 (DCD Loc.II:13/17)
Oath of fidelity of William Raket, 1402 (DCD Loc.XXVIII:3/1)
Mandate of bishop for attendance at parliament, 1402 (DCD Loc.XX:8/4)
Receipt to monastic subcollector for first instalment of tax, 1403 (DCD  Misc. Ch. 4185)
Comperta of parochial visitation utraque sede vacante, [1406] (DCD 1.12.Pont.8)
Cartularly copy, [c.1408], of lost grant of wheat, [1190 x 1208] (DCD  Cart. II f. 1r)
View the background/transcription of document 3.15.Spec.6 Holy Island account, 1408-9 (DCM)
View the background/transcription of document 3.15.Spec.6 Holy Island inventory, [1408-9] (DCM)
Licence of [cardinal] bishop to choose a confessor, 1409 (DCD Misc. Ch. 454)
View the background/transcription of document 3.15.Spec.6 Indented lease, 1410 (DCD 2.2.Sacr.3a)
Letters for obit-roll bearer, 1412 (DCD Loc.I:17)
View the background/transcription Registered copy, [c.1415], of exchange (DCD Reg. I,i fol. 65r)
General pardon of King Henry [V], 1416 (DCD 2.5.Reg.1)
  List of chancellor's books, 1421 (DCD Reg. II f. 156v)
Mandate for publication of excommunication, 1423 (DCD Misc. Ch. 6565+)
Receipt of abbot of Bury as collector of Benedictine contribution, 1424 (DCD Misc. Ch. 413)
  Bishop Langley's register, 1425 (DCD Reg. Lang. f. 122v)
View the background/transcription of document 3.15.Spec.6 Letter, in English, of countess of Westmorland, c.1425 (DCD Loc.XXV:124)
View the background/transcription Registered copy of presentation, 1427 (DCD Reg. III fol. 126r)
View the background/transcription of document 3.15.Spec.6 Freehold survey, 1430 (DCD Feodarium p. 21; Feodarium pp. 34-35)
View the background/transcription of document 3.15.Spec.6Registered copy of letters of confraternity, 1431 (DCD Reg. III fol. 139r)
Will + probate, 1431 (DCD 1.1.Spec.71)
Licence of King Henry [VI] to elect a bishop, 1437 (DCD 2.5.Reg.3)
Mandate to induct, 1438 (DCD 1.2.Arch.Dunelm.12)
Receipt for silver plates and salts, 1438 (DCD Misc. Ch. 6004)
Indenture of apprenticeship, 1439: (DCD Loc.XXVIII:17)
Map, c.1440 (DCD Misc. Ch. 5828/12; Local Maps ..., no. 15)
Indented agreement over pasture, sealed by 26 free tenants, 1442 (DCD  4.16.Spec.26
Visitation comperta, 1442 (DCD 1.9.Pont.3)
  Court of the prior's official, 1445 (DCD Court Book f. 59)
Coal-mining reckonings for Rainton pits, 1446 - [1453] (DCD Terrar's Bk f. 34)
Certificate of citation to appear at visitation, 1449 (DCD Misc. Ch. 5187)
Grain receipts, [1451-2 ?] (DCD Misc. Ch. 7276)
Indented attestation of delivery of documents, 1456 (DCD Misc. Ch. 5252
Indulgence for central tower, 1459 (DCD 2.13.Pont.12; Transactions of the Architectural &
Archaeological Society of Durham & Northumberland
3, 71-72)
  Registered copy of prior's letter, [1456] (DCD Reg. Parv. III f. 79r)
Excommunication, in English, 1459 (DCD 4.4.Spec.15)
Repertory of deeds, [c.1463] (DCD Repertorium magnum ff. 70r, 19v detail)
  Bursar-Granator indentures, 1467-8 (DCM)
Letter, in English, of Edward IV, [1473] (DCD Loc.XXV:87)
Verdict concerning the descendants of John of Middleton, multiple seals [c. 1475: Misc. Ch. 2093] (DCD Misc. Ch. 2091)
Indented agreement, in English, signed and sealed, 1490 (DCD 3.18.Spec.35)
Grant to trustees, signed and sealed, 1490 (DCD 3.18.Spec.36)
Quit-claim, signed and sealed, 1490 (DCD 3.18.Spec.38)
Bond and defeasance, signed and sealed, 1490 (DCD 3.18.Spec.39)
Letter of attorney to receive seisin, 1482 (DCD 4.18.Spec.69)
Collation of chantry, 1485 (DCD Misc. Ch. 2385)
Instructions of Henry VII to commissioners for treating with the king of Scots, [1490] (DCD Misc. Ch. 1490. Cf. Bain, Calendar of Documents relating to Scotland, IV,317 no. 1559)
Probate inventory, 1498 (DCD Loc.VIII:9)
Crossgate borough court, 1503 (DCD Crossgate Court Book f. 59r)
Cartulary copy, [c.1500], of grant in Newcastle, [1220 x 1234] (DCD  Communar's Cart. f. 16v)
  Cartulary copy, s. xv/xvi, of depositions [c.1348] (Ushaw College MS 25 fol. 113)
Matching feet of fine, 1504 (DCD 1.4.Spec.95)
  Sanctuary petitions, 1519 (DCD Reg. V f. 172v)
Rent-book, 1524-5 (DCD Hostiller's rent-book f. 10v)
Bill of complaint, [1520 x 1529] (DCD Misc. Ch. 5621a)
Letter reporting receipt of £13 6s. 8d., 1525 (DCD Misc. Ch. 2046)
  Account of the proctor of Norham, 1525-6 (DCM)
Lease of corn tithes, 1539 (DCD Misc. Ch. 5166)
  Locellus box