How to use these web pagesA selection of medieval documents: using these web pages


An introductionAn introduction to the selection of medieval documents available in these web pages by the Archivist, Alan J. Piper.

The list of documentsA list of the documents included in this project, and some to be digitised in the future. This is the main menu from which you can access the different documents.

The documentsDocuments selected have been digitally photographed as high quality .TIFF files, then processed to produce web-ready jpg files. Some of them are quite large; please be patient while they load. Selected hotspots will reveal transcribed passages or a zoom of the image. Clicking on the title of the document will take you to its background information/transcription.

Background/transcription prepared for the documentsBackgrounds to or transcripts of the documents have been prepared for each available document. Selected hotspots will reveal zoomed portions of the text. Clicking on the title of the document will take you to its image.

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last updated: May 3, 2002