HigtonFrom time to time, for one reason or another, I have ended up producing some online resources.  Here they are.

Hans W. Frei resources

  1. A brief biography
  2. An annotated bibliography
  3. Transcripts of some unpublished pieces

Rowan Williams resources

  1. A bibliography
  2. A series of blog posts on 'The Body's Grace'
  3. A YouTube video of me introducing Williams' theology


You can find many of my articles on my page.  Some publishers do not allow any version of an article to be published on a repository like, but do allow them to be placed on a personal site.

  1. Hans Frei and David Tracy on the Ordinary and the Extraordinary in Christianity (1997)
  2. Boldness and Reserve: A Lesson from St. Augustine (2003)

Other resources

  1. A series of blog posts on Aquinas' Five Ways
  2. A series of blog posts on Dawkins' God Delusion