Mathematics, Reality and Science

Physics real life

Saturday 12 November 2016

Come along at 3:45 in Empty Shop to hear Calum Robson talk about the link between maths and physical concepts and how we can try to interpret our theories (which are in one sense just sets of equations) as having physical meaning, using a framework from Thomist/Scholastic philsophy.

When trying to understand how to think about scientific theories, the metaphysical theories of the Middle Ages aren't likely to top the list of places to look. However in my opinion they can be surprisingly useful, and over the course of this talk I hope to convince you of this too. I will start by explaining the metaphysical thought of St. Thomas Aquinas with the help of cat pictures. I will then explain how this can be used as a framework for thinking about how scientific theories work. Finally I will specialise to my own subject area, and show how this framework can be used to explain the relationship between mathematics and physics