Are you a Boltzmann Brain?

Boltzmann brains

Saturday 19 November 2016

Dr. James Currie, a Particle Physicist, joins us to talk about Boltzmann Brains. Come along at 3:45 PM at Empty Shop to find out more!

Why does the past look different from the future? The laws of physics work just as well in 'play' or 'rewind' so why does our experience of time march so relentlessly in one direction? Following the work of Ludwig Boltzmann (1844-1906) we now understand that the right question to ask is “why was the entropy of the early universe so low?”. Boltzmann offered a solution to this (still unsolved) problem in 1895 but it was later realised that this solution gives rise to “Boltzmann Brains”. What is a Boltzmann Brain, why might they be a problem for science and are you one of them?! We will look at what these enigmatic creatures have to teach us about the big bang and the ultimate fate of the universe