Ripples of Gravity on a Supersymmetric Ocean


Saturday 04 March 2017

Joe Farrow from the Mathematics department at Durham University will be talking about particle physics, gravitons, supersymmetry, and his own research... Come along to find out more at 3:45 PM in Empty Shop HQ.

Here's his abstract...

One of the biggest and most perplexing questions which we ask ourselves as human beings is, "where do we come from?". High energy physics takes this question to its limit, asking, "where does the universe itself come from?", and "how can the universe end?". To answer these grandest of questions, we must first understand the relationship between microscopic scale quantum physics and galactic scale gravitational physics. This is a large area of active research, involving physicists and mathematicians all around the world since the beginning of the 20th century. I will try to explain what these concepts mean, why they are interesting, and how my research attempts to break them down into small enough sub-questions that we can then hope to answer at least part of them.