CANCELLED: Thinking about gender and water in the UK


Saturday 18 March 2017

Unfortunately this event has been CANCELLED due to speaker illness.

Here's her abstract...

In the UK, water-resource management has predominantly focused on managing water issues from a physical perspective, through collecting and analysing qualitative data, and the meeting of water-quality standards associated with achieving good status for the Water Framework Directive. There has however been a lack of focus on the people involved in and how water resources are managed, specifically considering how gender affects how people engage in water-resource management and their involvement in decision-making with reference to water at work and home. In developing countries, connections have long been made between gender and water, linking to studies on development and poverty- eradication, creating equal opportunities for women and men. In the UK, bringing together and studying gender and water offers a crucial new way to think about managing water resources. The overall aim of the research is to investigate the ways in which decisions are made in water-resource management, whether this influences how water is used in domestic situations and if decisions made are influenced by gender. To achieve this aim, a multi-method approach is being utilised, which includes focus groups and interviews, involving professionals and domestic water users. Qualitative data collected will be used to inform and test a variety of scenarios using agent-based modelling, exploring what matters in decision-making with regards to water resources.