The Natural Sciences Degree Programme

2006 Graduation

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On Thursday 29th June 2006, 207 students graduated from the Natural Sciences degree programme. These three pages are a record of the day. If you are one of these graduates, we would like to hear from you. Click here to send a mail message.

Click on a picture for a larger image. The named photographs are in alphabetical order (roughly) and are spread over the three pages.

Ro, Jon, Emma, Helen

Anna, Chris, Isobelle, Liz, Gavin

Ralph, Julie, Jonathan, John

Rupert, Harriet, Chris, Matthew

Bryony, Oliver, Hazel, Annabel


Julia, Will, Felicity, John

Lucy, Laura, Benjamin, Katie, Nicola

Nick, Timothy,Sarah, Kate, Dom

Pippa, Charlie, Tamarind, Laura

Beccy, Laurie, Kathryn

Ele, Joanne, Tino, Steph

Josh, Adam, Ellen, Jack



Katie, Emily, Amy, Sian

Joanna, Rosie, Mark, Jessica

Ben, Che, Ed, Jack

Emily, James, Liz, Emma

Judy, Donald, Robert, Judy

Richard, Clerissa, Hamish, Emilia

Ed, Ross, Rich, Anna

Jo, Simon, Lily, Catherine,

Duncan, Owen, Christopher, Rachel

Jane, Lucie, Vicky, Marc

Caroline, Robert, George Felix