Data Download

Data Download

Live data now available!

Click on the Live Landslide Data drop down menu above to see live data from 10 slope monitoring stations deployed in Nepal.

Nepal live data streaming
Monitoring instrumentation ready for shipping in mid-August (Photo: Jack Williams).

Slope monitoring instrumentation will been installed at 10 selected sites. At each site a high precision extensometer will be installed to measure ground crack opening (±2mm resolution). Slope-scale seismicity will be recorded by high-precision 3-axis accelerometers, from which derivative values will be obtained (periodic maximum, minimum, mean etc.), to capture slope response to continuing seismicity, and to add directional information to the extensometer data. This will be supplemented by precipitation measurements (0.20mm resolution, using tipping-bucket rain gauges) throughout the monitoring period to calibrate local variability in regional remote rainfall monitoring (e.g TRMM). Data will be logged at 10 minute intervals to describe deformation response (deformation magnitude, acceleration and deceleration) to stress perturbations and strain accumulation through time. Here we use web-accessible telemetry to permit live streaming and secure off-site archiving. This monitoring equipment will remain installed in Nepal, maintained by the National Society for Earthquake Technology-Nepal (NSET) after the cessation of this Urgency project and collating a valuable long-term data set.

Featured image – a sign of a landslide area on the way to Tilicho Lake, Annapurna Circuit. By Moralist (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons