Our study site is located in the Upper Bhote Koshi (UBK), Sindupalchowk District, Nepal. Below is a map of our monitoring station locations. Hover the mouse over a station to see more information, or double click on a monitoring station to see live data at that location.

You can also explore our field site with a 3D tour. Follow our helicopter track route, see what a landslide looks like from satellite imagery, and explore the local area to see where our monitoring stations are located.

Explore our field site locations with a 3D tour (best viewed in Internet Explorer, 3D viewing unsupported in Chrome).
Why the Upper Bhote Koshi?

Our overall aim is to determine how hillslopes damaged during the 2015 Nepal EQS progressively deform in response to stress perturbations resulting from precipitation and continuing seismicity. Our study site is the Upper Bhote Koshi (UBK), in Sindupalchowk District. The UBK was damaged during eqG, was < 10 km from eqK, and satellite and aerial imagery shows considerable widespread damage to slopes as a function of the close by (< 5 km) eqD. The critical Arniko Highway to Tibet, several major HEP plants, plus extensive roadside settlements, are all within the UBK. Our initial assessments from imagery indicate that EQ-triggered landsliding from eqK is characterised by small-scale but widespread rockfalls, and from eqD large-scale rockslope failures from ridgelines and reactivation of existing deeper-seated landslides, each with a clear directional tendency relative to the three epicentres). Colleagues in the UBK report extensively-cracked valley slopes, as seen in reconnaissance aerial photography from colleagues at USGS/USAID. Our data will most importantly quantify the relationship between stress perturbations and landsliding, but will also provide ground-truth for remotely-sensed deformation.

An overview of the damage generated by the earthquake sequence is available in videos captured by Brian Collins (USGS/USAID):

Background on landslides in the study site is available in Katie Oven’s – PhD.