Publication in Nature Communications

The group has published on the underlying mechanism behind thermally-activated delayed fluorescence in Nature Communications. Through use of a temperature-tuneable host the resonant behaviour of the reverse intersystem crossing phenomenon was elucidated. This resonant behaviour arises due to the vibronic coupling of not just the charge-transfer states, but also a locally-excited triplet state.

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New Lesker Evaporation Suite!

We welcomed a new Kurt J Lesker Evaporation Suite to the Clean Room, allowing greater control over device fabrication.

To celebrate the recent expansion of the clean room to accommodate the new evaporator we invited the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research (Science) Professor Patrick Hussey to officially open it.

This event was attended by the OEM group, technicians and our collaborators in Chemistry.

The new Kurt J Lesker Evaporation suite.

Professor Patrick Hussey announcing the official opening of the extended clean room.

Some members of the OEM group and Professor Patrick Hussey in front of the new evaporation suite.