The Organic Electroactive Materials (OEM) group, founded by Professor Andrew Monkman, is one of the most active research groups in the Department of Physics at Durham University. Made up of a bright and diverse team of postdoctoral and postgraduate researchers, research Fellows and many visiting scientists from around the world, the OEM group is the largest group within Condensed Matter Physics section at Durham. The group has many collaborations with other leading research groups around the world as well many of the leading Industrial companies throughout Europe  Novaled, Cynora and Merck.

Our work is based around the study of organic molecules used in electroluminescent and solar cell applications. These systems are characterised by strong charge-to-light or light-to-charge properties, and as such have many promising applications at the heart of the next generation of displays and photovoltaic devices. We also have a major focus on organic lighting.

The aim of our group is to study the wide range of fascinating physical properties associated with organic electroluminescence and solar cell materials, starting from the fundamental photophysical properties of small molecules and conjugated polymers, and working all the way up to device design and fabrication. In this way we control all aspects of our work from start to end and get the best from our materials. An overriding tenant of our work is to do the best we can with the best equipment and the best experimental design in order to fully elucidate the problem at hand. Wherever possible this is done in collaboration with industrial research groups.

We have a wide range of truly state-of-the-art equipment and many time resolved measurement techniques can only be found in Durham. This combined with two Lesker OLED deposition tools and full cleanroom facilities makes Durham a unique place to study organic materials for device application. We also make fundamental optical studies on the photophysics that underpins these useful properties.


The Physics department is no.12

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